Arethusa Cheese Box

Arethusa Cheese Box

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Celebrate the taste of Connecticut with this selection of six Arethusa Cheeses (approximately 2.25lbs total) made with the milk from our own herd of dairy cows. Perfect for setting out all at once for an impressive cheese board or enjoying individually. The gift of cheese is always a sure winner.

Our cheese is shipped via FedEx Overnight or FedEx 2nd Day.  For quality reasons, we only ship Monday through Wednesday (excluding bank and public holidays). Orders placed before 2 pm Monday through Wednesday will ship out the same day. Orders placed after 2pm on Wednesday will ship out the following Monday.

CAMEMBERT – 2018 AMERICAN CHEESE SOCIETY WINNER - Our Camembert is aged four weeks to develop its rich, buttery flavors with a milky sweetness and subtle minerality. Whether served with crusty bread alongside your favorite midwinter soup or tucked in the picnic basket with a bottle of crisp white, this Camembert is truly a cheese for all occasions. 

BELLA BANTAM - With the comforting aromas of fresh, buttered popcorn, Bella Bantam is supple and creamy, making it the perfect snack time staple.

CRYBABY- We set out to make a Swiss-style cheese that was as at home on a cheese board as it was tucked in a ham sandwich. Meet Crybaby, so named for its multitude of tiny "eyes". Crybaby is matured for at least two months in our state-of-the-art aging caves before release, giving it subtle, nutty aroma, while still delivering that unique Swiss cheese bite.

EUROPA – GOLD MEDAL WINNER AT THE 2018 BIG E - Our take on a classic Dutch Gouda, Europa features wispy aromas of butterscotch and toasted nuts that give way to a savory, brothy flavor. Its smooth, dense paste makes Europa a great cheese for melting - on burgers, sandwiches, or a bowl of chili.

MT. TOM - Inspired by the cheeses of the Swiss Alps and named for our own local alpine monolith (all 1,324' of it!), Mt. Tom is sweet and nutty with a light, mouthwatering tang.

TAPPING REEVE – GOLD MEDAL WINNER AT THE 2018 BIG E - Local lawyer Tapping Reeve formed the Litchfield Law School in the late 18th century, educating scores of politicians and justices who would go on to shape a fledgling nation. What better way to honor that legacy than with a cheese? We hit the history books and developed a savory Colonial-style cheese to please the most discerning connoisseur - past or present. Our Tapping Reeve is both sharp and refined, not unlike its namesake.