Arethusa's End of the Rainbow Box

Arethusa's End of the Rainbow Box

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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year with a hand made loaf of Arethusa Irish Soda Bread (2 lbs 3.5 oz) paired with our Cultured Butter with Sea Salt (1 lb ). Our Soda Bread has a crusty outside, soft and mildly sweet inside, and a balanced combination of caraway and raisins. Before baking, a cross is cut on the top, historically this is thought to bring good spirits to the household. 

It's great all day long...toasted in the morning, perfect for afternoon tea and definitely with your corned beef and cabbage dinner! Have a lucky St. Patrick's Day! 

**Orders must be placed by Monday, March 11th at 12 pm and will ship out on Wednesday, March 13th**

Irish Soda Bread (2lbs 3.5oz): Flour, Buttermilk, Raisins, Sugar, Eggs, Butter, Caraway Seeds, Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Salt

Arethusa Cultured Butter with Sea Salt (1lb - 2 containers - 8 oz each) : This is not your average butter! We carefully separate heavy cream from our own whole milk to achieve a stunning 84% butterfat in the final product. We then use a unique blend of cultures and allow the cream to sour for two days. After churning, pyramidal-shaped sea salt flakes are hand mixed into our churned butter, providing the occasional salty crunch. Seeking, as always, to enhance the clean, rich flavors of our cream rather than mask it, we add half as much salt as the average salted butter. The final result has a depth of flavor and aroma that will have you reaching for this cultured butter time after time.
Ingredients: Pasteurize Grade A Cream, Sea Salt, Cultures