Arethusa Mini Cheese Box

Arethusa Mini Cheese Box

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A selection of some of our favorites. The box includes: 
1 wheel (8 oz) of Karlie's Gratitude
5.5 oz piece of Tapping Reeve
8 oz piece of Arethusa Blue
Our cheese is shipped via FedEx Overnight or FedEx 2nd Day.  For quality reasons, we only ship Monday through Wednesday (excluding bank and public holidays). Orders placed before 2 pm Monday through Wednesday will ship out the same day. Orders placed after 2pm on Wednesday will ship out the following Monday.

KARLIE'S GRATITUDE - Creamy, mushroomy and earthy - this cheese is inspired by traditional French Camembert. 

TAPPING REEVE - Local lawyer Tapping Reeve formed the Litchfield Law School in the late 18th century, educating scores of politicians and justices who would go on to shape a fledgling nation. What better way to honor that legacy than with a cheese? We hit the history books and developed a savory Colonial-style cheese to please the most discerning connoisseur - past or present. Our Tapping Reeve is both sharp and refined, not unlike its namesake.

ARETHUSA BLUE  - With this cheese, we sought to capture the rustic elegance of our favorite farmhouse blues from the British Isles. Chocolaty and toasty, sweet yet pleasantly salty, firm yet creamy, Arethusa Blue boasts a deep, multidimensional flavor.